Why We Use Jetpack Premium and You Should Too

As a webmaster getting to know your site, you are naturally going to start digging into the deeper details. Setting up the theme, getting the layout right and tweaking the design to your liking can be incredibly fun, and it keeps you entertained for quite some time. But the more you learn the more you discover. More specifically, you come across tools to help your site rank higher, respond better to different devices, and overall enhance user experience. Ideas start playing in your head about what you can possibly achieve, which leads to searching for bigger and better things to make your ideas happen. If you were thinking about using a WordPress Jetpack alternative, think again.

The Jetpack plugin is one, if not the most, empowering plugin for your WordPress site.

Consider the following article as a WordPress Jetpack premium review, because that’s the main focus point. It’s the plugin that covers an incredible array of bases, and it’s something every web owner should have in his or her arsenal. At the moment the Jetpack plugin is operating on more than 1 million sites, and the number keeps growing. It could be because the same people who created WordPress stand behind Jetpack, namely Automattic. Or it could be because Jetpack is simply so powerful. 

Minimal Blogging WordPress Themes for Creative Portfolios, Photographers and Designers

The latest word being associated with high quality sites is “minimalism”. While there used to be a time where designers wanted to cram as much as possible into a single page, and explore a lot of interesting ways to ultimately navigate the site, it’s not the case anymore. The tide is turning towards more simple clean WordPress themes that look absolutely brilliant, provide incredible flexibility and only enhances user experience.

Look to simple clean WordPress themes for your portfolio

The fact is online visitors have had enough with unnecessary distractions. Now they want fresh designs that help them to escape in a sense, not lock them in. For photographers, designers, or any other specialist within the visually creative field, a portfolio should make a first impression. But that’s not going to happen if the site design is taking all the attention away from your posts?

You are looking for a minimal blogging WordPress theme that will help your work stand out. But more importantly, you want a theme that will exhibit photos and pictures with a supporting touch. 

We got featured on WordPress.org themes front page

We have noticed a large traffic spike the other day on our Google Analytics screen and after a little searching we found out that the official WordPress.org repository has been showing on of our free WordPress themes Longevity on their front page.

Even though the theme was placed on the very bottom at position #15 of the main page we have received more than a 1000 downloads in a single day which for us is an amazing boost.

Best sports WordPress themes

If you wanted to build a popular soccer fan website like megasoccer.com you will need to find a feature rich and fast WordPress theme.

There are many reasons why you would want to start a sports fan site. Some of the reason may be:

  • you are passionate about a specific sport and want to have a website about it
  • you want to make or have a business around the given sport
  • you like to play video games of the certain sport
  • you bet on the matches/games and enjoy the thrill of wagering
  • you sell merchandise related to the sport

Our best picks of WordPress themes for building a sports site




REHub is a hybrid multipurpose WordPress template that covers many types of monetizable websites such as: magazines and news sites; price or product comparator with dynamic price update; discount coupons ; affiliates; business directory with customizable locators, search filters and specifications; social network with sending option; analysis and review of products with user ratings; Marketplace or multi-vendor store; offers of the day; and more.

It offers a clean and modern design that is updated with the latest trends. It is the first WordPress theme recommended by Amazon. REHub has passed rigorous security and code quality checks.

It brings the page builder WPBakery Page Builder – with a graphical interface of the drag and drop type. As well as the popular slider image banner creation and management tool Revolution Slider . It also has 14+ predesigned demos ready to install with a single mouse click. With all these resources you will not require code knowledge to have a completely unique and differentiating website quickly and easily.

Supports multiple plugins for Marketplaces such as: WCFM, Dokan, WC Vendor, WC Marketplace. As well as integrating a store and product location function based on the customer’s geolocation. It has advanced functions for affiliates such as: import via CSV and XML; special post styles; price comparison; price tracking; and more. Regarding its capacity as a business directory: personalized search filters; specs; table constructor; sending payments; search maps and locators; and many more.

VegasHero Sports Betting Theme

sports betting wp theme

The VegasHero sports theme is one of those well crafted WordPress themes that has only a specific set of options but serves the most important features and make it simple to create a purpose built sportsbook review site. No matter whatever sport you are into this sports theme is versatile enough to make the perfect base to build a profitable affiliate site around sports betting.

No matter what sports you are into, or if you are a seasoned WordPress user or not. These themes will make your website project go easier and get you going fast.

Simple to use Portfolio WordPress Themes for Photographers

Photo sharing is quite a big thing on the web. Whether it’s done as a hobby or professionally, about 41 million people were invested in taking and sharing photos during 2016. If you are one those people then you’ll know how important it is to get an image gallery WordPress theme that grabs attention, given all the competition.

So what should you look for in a photography WordPress theme?

Suggestions for a clean WordPress theme for photographers

Frankly, there are many paths you can follow. But the most popular has to be minimalist photo blogging themes. There’s a reason why you took the photo and you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention away from the pictures. In other words, you can’t go wrong with an easy to use theme for photographers that aim to support your hobby or profession. You have the ability to tweak and change everything, and you don’t have to worry about going too far.