More fresh new changes at Shaped Pixels

Just over two years ago, I created a site called Shaped Pixels where I designed and released various styles of WordPress themes—both free and premium versions alike. I can easily say that it’s been interesting and rewarding to continue being part of the WordPress community as the overall market is continuously progressing to better things. I know this because 26% of the internet uses WordPress!

However, to quote a popular idiom “all good things must come to an end”, I have decided to call it quits and to move on with an exciting new direction and concept for myself. I will still be working within the WordPress community, just in a slight different role with a little Joomla thrown in as well.

The important part is that this is not the end of Shaped Pixels because I have passed the reins to Imre and his business partner Neil, both of which are developers themselves. They also run another popular theme site that I am very familiar with, so I am confident you are getting an experienced team who will look after everyone very well and will take Shaped Pixels to a whole new level.

Was it an easy decision for me to make? Not at all, but with my new venture, there was no way that I could manage it and Shaped Pixels at the same time without jeopardizing the ongoing success of Shaped Pixels. There’s also the fact that I have not had a vacation in 6 years, so I am planning to take some time off and really looking forward to it—finally!

I should mention that I will still be performing theme support throughout the transition from February and into March, at which point I will officially no longer be at Shaped Pixels.

In closing, I would like to give a really big thank you to everyone who has supported both me and the Shaped Pixels website. Without you, I would not have been able to achieve the success we accomplished together and hope you will continue to support Imre and Neil as they continue to make Shaped Pixels the best place to get quality designed themes. When you get the chance, drop them a line to say hello and to welcome them to Shaped Pixels.


Andre Jutras

5 thoughts on “More fresh new changes at Shaped Pixels

  1. David (Mike) Griffin

    Sorry to see you leave, Andre. I’ve been a big fan. Best wishes for a super future!

    Welcome Imre and Neil. Where can I find your theme site? I only found a reference to 64themes on Envato and no themes!


    • Imre Petrohai

      Hi Mike,

      We had a couple of ventures with Neil before (64 themes was a short lived project which we left off a while back) and now we are going to focus on
      We plans to release a couple of new themes for 2017 as well as exciting updates to both free and premium Shapedpixels themes.

      stay tuned

    • Neil Berrow

      Thanks Mike! Some exciting things to come, hope you’ll like our work, as Imre said 64themes was a project way back.

      When I get a design finished we’ll notify everyone so they can see what’s in progress.

      I’ll also publish shots on my Dribbble profile:

  2. Andre

    Thank you for being a big fan, but this would not have been possible without the support of everyone.
    First thing I will definitely enjoy is taking a small vacation. I was planning to take a couple months off, but I think I will split the time up over the year. My first week off I plan to do absolutely nothing 🙂

    Anyway, you and everyone else are in very good hands.You will probably see me pop into the support forums for a while yet to help out.

    • David (Mike) Griffin

      Vacations are good! I recommend an Eastern/Southern Caribbean cruise with days at sea to enjoy deck time, fine evening dining and lots of snorkeling and beach time on your island stops! Royal Caribbean smaller ships or Celebrity Cruises for gourmet dining, far fewer kids, teens and rowdy young adults.

      What is the link to Imre and Neil’s theme site or their themes?



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