What are em and rem font sizes?

Ever wonder what 1em or even a 1rem means when you are looking at your WordPress theme’s stylesheet and thinking what the hell is that? Normally when we look at font sizes, many people often think of pixels (px) as a unit of size. In the past, this was the standard…until we started evolving into accessibility. So what I will do here is give a simplified description of the differences between em, rem, %, and px, but I will try not to get too technical to descibe it.

Why bundling plugins in themes is a bad idea

You are probably reading the above title and thinking what is wrong with that? Getting a theme with built-in plugins or getting a bundle of installable plugins is great because you feel like you are getting more features and value for the money you pay for the theme you just purchased. I agree it’s nice to get a bunch of stuff included with your theme, but lets consider why it’s not always a good thing.

8 Things you should do before changing your theme

Everyone does it and some do it more often than you think. I’m talking about changing themes for your website. Some like to change themes every few months while others will change their theme at least once per year; everyone likes a new look once and awhile. Even if you are one that does not change it often, you still change it at some point in time. But what happens to your custom styles, theme options, shortcodes, snippets, and even plugins when you change themes?

8 Important things to know before making your website

It’s amazing how much has changed from the old days of building websites, especially when you had to hire a web site designer to make your website that ended up costing you a lot of money. In those days, you still had premade HTML and Flash (remember flash?) templates. Eventually we started to see content management systems come into view like Mambo, Movable Type, and WordPress.

Have you ever seen what is in your Uploads folder?

Have you ever looked inside your “uploads” folder, the place where all your media such as images get stored with each upload? I’m about to show & tell what happens when you upload images to your media library with default WordPress media settings in place. You might be shocked at what you see…

Hide Widget Titles from the Front of your Site

Unfortunately WordPress does not give you the option to disable (hide) widget titles from the front-end of your web pages. There are times when you might want to hide a widget title, but to do this, we need a plugin. The one I recommend is called “Remove Widget Titles” from Stephen Cronin.

How to add an image to your web page with a widget

When writing a post, whether it’s for the blog or a page, most people are familiar with how you insert images (media) into your content. There is also the option to insert a featured image instead of directly into the post itself. However, what about adding an image to a text widget, or just simply adding an image to a sidebar?