8 Important things to know before making your website

It’s amazing how much has changed from the old days of building websites, especially when you had to hire a web site designer to make your website that ended up costing you a lot of money. In those days, you still had premade HTML and Flash (remember flash?) templates. Eventually we started to see content management systems come into view like Mambo, Movable Type, and WordPress.

Have you ever seen what is in your Uploads folder?

Have you ever looked inside your “uploads” folder, the place where all your media such as images get stored with each upload? I’m about to show & tell what happens when you upload images to your media library with default WordPress media settings in place. You might be shocked at what you see…

Hide Widget Titles from the Front of your Site

Unfortunately WordPress does not give you the option to disable (hide) widget titles from the front-end of your web pages. There are times when you might want to hide a widget title, but to do this, we need a plugin. The one I recommend is called “Remove Widget Titles” from Stephen Cronin.

How to add an image to your web page with a widget

When writing a post, whether it’s for the blog or a page, most people are familiar with how you insert images (media) into your content. There is also the option to insert a featured image instead of directly into the post itself. However, what about adding an image to a text widget, or just simply adding an image to a sidebar?

A few plugins that might make things easier

Do you ever find yourself in confusion with a little frustration and annoyance that your WordPress does not perform some basic things that it really should? How about feeling unsure of where to go or what to do when you come up to the point of creating your website and you are now stuck? Finally at last, you realize you need a plugin, but the question is, what plugin do you use?

How to display widgets on select pages only

I’m sure many have encountered this problem…you are building a website using WordPress, drag a widget into a sidebar, add your content, and then you noticed that every single page in your website that has that sidebar is now showing the widget everywhere. Frustrating at best, especially if you want to show it only on a few pages, but not all pages.