We got featured on WordPress.org themes front page

We have noticed a large traffic spike the other day on our Google Analytics screen and after a little searching we found out that the official WordPress.org repository has been showing on of our free WordPress themes Longevity on their front page.

Even though the theme was placed on the very bottom at position #15 of the main page we have received more than a 1000 downloads in a single day which for us is an amazing boost.


Following this download burst we have also received very positive 5 star reviews which clearly shows that users like this simple to setup minimalist theme.

Special thanks to the WP.org team for letting us take this prestigious position even if for a short while. This helps us reach a wider audience and deliver our free products to more WP users.

Longevity theme Featured on front page of WP.org themes repository

One thought on “We got featured on WordPress.org themes front page

  1. Vicki

    Congratulations! It’s about time these wonderful themes got a bit of .org love 😉


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