Show Widgets on Select Pages only

By default when you publish a widget to a sidebar in WordPress, that widget is going to show up everywhere that sidebar exists. The problem is that you may not want that widget to show up everywhere, so what do you do? We will need a plugin to accomplish our goal…

Two of my Recommended Choices are:

  1. Jetpack – If you are using Jetpack, you have the Widget Visibility module built into it
  2. update: we no longer recommend this plugin, please use Jetpack!
    Display Widgets
    – a plugin by Strategy11, and for most of my demo sites, I use this one.

There are a few other options out there, but over the last couple of years, I find that two listed above work very well. However, for those who already use Jetpack, you will probably already be aware that the Widget Visibility module is there for you to use. If you are someone who is not using Jetpack, it’s a bit overkill to install it just for this usage, so an excellent alternative will be to use the plugin called Display Widgets.

Use Jetpack Widget Visibility

  1. Go to Jetpack >> Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find Widget Visibility and click Activate as you hover over the module setting
    jetpack widget visibility

How to hide/show a widget on specific pages

Easily done. First, read their documentation so that you can get familiarized with the functions of it, but ultimately, these are quite easy to use. When either one is activated, you will find each widget will have some settings at the bottom, just above the “Save” button of the widget. It does this for ALL widgets. All you do is select where you want that widget to show (or not show), click save, and you’re done!

Jetpack Widget Visibility Settings

widget visibility settings


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