Beautiful design and quick, helpful support

First the free theme “Sense lite” draw my attention on the Shaped Pixels design. To me it is very beautiful and eye-catching. I upgraded then to the pro-version, and later got into touch with the theme “Longevity Pro”. This theme is most beautiful, too. There are many, many options to get nearly all You need to create Your individual website on a solid basis of beauty and richness. I would recommend both themes to everybody who is in resonnance with the design! Thank You for Your work that enriches the outfits of many websites.

Rainer Brumshagen

five stars

Clean, Simple, Intuitive, Great Designs, Themes That Work, 5-Star Support

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2006. I’ve downloaded and installed a lot of themes over the years for different clients and for my own use. I can say without question that Andre’s Shaped Pixel themes have been the easiest to work with. They offer great and useful designs to begin with, but they also offer flexibility in customization for outside-the-box ideas.

The themes are all modern and responsive and behave as expected on desktop and mobile devices. Many claim this, but when you spend adequate time testing demos, they often fail in some way. Many require additional plugins to work, but not Themed Pixels. Andre’s theme’s have a minimal amount of plugins and do what they claim to do without all the bloat and they just work!

I can’t say enough about Andre’s support. His responses are almost immediate. I can honestly say that I have never had better support from any theme seller!

Rene Michaels

five stars

Competence meets Brilliance

I’ve used WordPress for various purposes since 2011. I started doing some customizations for friends and family in 2015. Last year, I launched a WordPress Consulting business specializing in new site builds, child theme implementation and messed up site fixes. I learned very quickly that there themes totally fall ing the categories Good, Bad and Ugly. And, ouch, the vast majority IMHO, are Ugly. Andre’s themes are GOOD. Actually great. I love them and I’m proud to sell them to my clients.

Mike Griffin

five stars

Andre saved the day!

Being the extreme amateur I am at web design or alteration caused a lot of frustration! Andre helped basically from start to finish. He was very kind and patient with all my questions and requests. He made my logo and banner area look amazing! He was really helpful throughout the whole process, and went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with everything. I’m so happy with my site. I sincerely thank you, Andre.

Merri Phillips

five stars


Love this theme!

I have paid much good money for bad themes. But here is a theme that, even in the free version, provides so many terrific and creative options that you can build a killer site for nothing. And without using a bunch of whacky short codes that make it impossible to convert to another theme later on, without having to rebuild your entire site. The tech support is awesome too. Quick to respond. Helpful. Courteous. And did I mention free? If we get all this in the free version, I can’t wait to see what the paid version is like–well worth the money I’m sure! Great job. I’ll look for more themes from Shaped Pixels for my next site.

Dorothy Batts

five stars

Love the flexibility of this theme – 5 stars

I’ve tried more themes than I care to count to achieve the look of a website rather than being limited to a blog format. I love the clean, professional look of Longevity, and I was surprised to see some of the negative comments. I’m no pro–but I’ve tried enough themes to know a good one when I find one. There’s lots of options, but if you aren’t a pro–the theme support is also the best I’ve seen. Thank you for making this fantastic theme available!


five stars

Love, love, love this theme!

I gave my client a choice between this theme and one other – a theme with a slider in the header. They liked both, but the unique curved graphic in the header on this theme made it win, hands down. It’s an aesthetically pleasing theme, with a simple, clean but artistic-looking appearance. And the support is great! I had a few questions, a couple of issues, and then a couple more questions, and all were answered promptly and accurately. Thanks for creating this beautiful theme!


five stars

Incredible Support

Having recently purchased Seasonal Pro, and having had some difficulty at installing the theme, through fault entirely of my own, as a result of my newbie status, I was surprised at the support. Given time zone differences, I kinda knew that, living in South Africa, would mean the inevitable, next day response, if you are lucky. Not the case with Shaped Pixels. An awesome responsive experience.

Wayne Pritchard

five stars