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    Hello Andre:

    I’m receiving the following error message when attempting to install and activate the Seasonal Pro theme:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/01/5305101/html/v2/wp-content/themes/seasonalpro/inc/extras.php on line 209

    After activating the theme, I get “locked” out of the wp-admin page (login page shows same error message) and I have to go delete the theme from my themes folder. What do I need to change on line 209?



    I’ve tried installing the theme on my end but cannot replicate that error. Give me a few more minutes to see what else it could be.

    By the way, what version of WordPress are you currently running and what version of the theme?


    Just a follow up here….after doing some more tests, I still cannot replicate the error you are experiencing. Out of 1800 downloads of both the free and pro version of Seasonal, there have been only 2 people with this error, yours and one on the free version.

    The filter code I used strips the archive labels from the titles that WordPress does by default. So for example, default style for a category title looks like this:

    [b]Category: Some Category Name[/b]

    The filter I used strips out the “Category:” part so that it now looks like:

    [b]Some Category Name[/b]

    From what I can tell, the filter code I used is correct, but I just posted this problem in the WordPress support forum to see why only 2 people have this error. I have to wait for a response before I can give a possible solution for you.

    Here are a couple things you can try…

    1. Try a new install again, but if you get that error, hit the back arrow icon on your browser until you get to another previous page of your admin so you are not looking at a missing admin window. Then delete the theme.

    2. Try a new attempt but this time, disable all your plugins first. Sometimes a plugin can cause havoc with a theme or even WordPress.


    One last option you can do is to open the extras.php file, and delete this code until a solution is found:

    [code]add_filter( ‘get_the_archive_title’, function ($title) {
    if ( is_category() ) {
    $title = single_cat_title( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_tag() ) {
    $title = single_tag_title( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_year() ) {
    $title = get_the_date( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_month() ) {
    $title = get_the_date( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_day() ) {
    $title = get_the_date( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_post_type_archive() ) {
    $title = post_type_archive_title( ”, false );
    } elseif ( is_author() ) {
    $title = ‘‘ . get_the_author() . ‘‘ ;
    return $title;

    Removing that will of course add back in the archive labels to titles.


    I think I know what the problem might be….someone posted a reply to my WordPress forum posting and mentioned about PHP versions. If you are on an earlier version of like less than 5.3, then you will run into problems with some functions of WordPress.

    Here are some guidelines to run WordPress…

    Absolute minimum is 5.2.4, but recommended is 5.4

    What version is your host’s PHP?


    Thank you for your responses, Andre. I’ve tried everything that you have suggested above with the exception of deleting the code in the extras.php file. Would I do that before I install the seasonalpro zip file as I don’t see the file named “extras.php” in the wp editor.

    Site is hosted by godaddy, running PHP version 5.4 and WordPress 4.2.4

    Any other thoughts to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated! Thank you for your time.


    Ah….good point about installing and the code.
    Contact me from the footer link below and I will send you a Seasonal Pro version that you can install that doesn’t have that code in it. Then you can install the theme normally.

    Odd that your server is running 5.4 PHP. A few others that experienced this problem were on the much older versions. Anyway, contact me and I will send you a modified version.

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