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    Henning Thole

    Dear all,

    I try to bring up my Facebook-site in the social-menu, but it seems I’m blind or stupid – I cannot work it out.

    Can anybody give me a hint or some help on how to get Facebook used in Opportune Pro in the way that the inbuild icons for Facebokk etc. will show up in the social menu and be linked to the related Faceboook-Account?

    It’s not trying get my facebook-posts teched with WordPress, but only to have the Facebook-Icon to be functional linked in the social menu to share Posts easily in Facebook.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hello Henning,

    Thanks for contacting us!
    Please follow the steps below if you want to create a social menu and basically link it to your particular profiles.
    1. Go to Dashboard>>Appearance>>Menus
    2. Now select a menu to edit option(i.e, Choose Social Menu)
    3. Place Custom Links for each Social Network link,
    for instance;
    Navigation Label

    4. Save the changes and you’re done.

    P.S: These are the basic links to your profile pages. if you want to share posts and use more functionality associated to Social medias , please have a look at Social Media Plugins.

    Let us know.

    Best Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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