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    Here there a way to hide the title of pictures (see picture). The title appear when we zoom.
    I use simple lightbox.

    our site

    thank for your support


    That one, you will need to contact that lightbox plugin’s support to see how that can be done. It’s adding the file name to your popup.


    Andre 365,

    Thank you for your reply to France.
    I would like to know if there was a way to protect the zoomed images from being copied or printed with the “WP Content Copy Protection” that we just bought?
    If so, we wouldn’t need to use “simple lightbox” and that problem could be solved.

    Thank you.


    ….you are welcome from the west coast of Canada 🙂

    You could still use the lightbox for those who like viewing images in a popup, but for the lightbox window displaying the file name, I’m sure they have a method of not showing it; I know some other lightboxes allow you to code the image tag to not show captions, titles, etc.

    Regarding protecting images from being copied, the bad news is that there really is no method to protect images from being copied, other than adding a watermark on your images. There are many methods to get the image:

    1. looking at the source code
    2. Using browser webmaster tools to see the code
    3. simply doing a screen capture then cropping the image
    4. There’s even scripts to capture all images in a website…without even being on the site

    Here is an example of me using one method which allows me to open the image in a new window or tab where I can then copy or download it:

    Another method which I can see the path to the image simply by looking at the source code of the page:

    I hope you didn’t pay too much for that protection plugin. My recommendation is to add a watermark to the images.


    Thank you Andre for explaining this to me.

    We tried to add a watermark to our images in the media box, but it makes them less visible on zooming.

    Is it possible that a watermark appears only when someone wants to copy or transfer it?

    Also is it possible to add watermarks on certain images only?



    The best way is to add a watermark to the image itself using an image program. As for adding one to an image when someone wants to copy it, I don’t believe that is possible; I only know of 2 methods:

    1. an image plugin that adds a watermark
    2. physically adding it to the image before uploading (the most common method)

    Perhaps do a Google search with “adding watermarks to photos” to see what shows up in results.



    Many thanks!
    Have a good evening.



    You’re welcome, and have a good night as well…cheers!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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