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    We got a lifetime subscription to all themes and I’ve noticed there are no longer download links for downloading themes and their associated child themes. It’s unclear where I’m supposed to go to get the install files. Can you please direct me to the appropriate download area.

    Also, I’ve noticed that despite my license keys being input into my themes and the theme keys displaying as active, I don’t ever seem to get update notifications. This would be fine — I’m sure themes don’t update all that often — but there also doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the site to check what the latest version of a given theme is. Am I missing this?

    I appreciate your input on these concerns.

    Thank you!

    Shaped Pixels


    You can access your download in the Support / Purchase history section here on site.
    If you would like I can also re-send your purchase receipt email – link in that however expire in 72h for security reasons.

    Once you activate a license key update notification show in your admin area where and the list of changed (update changlelog) also displayed then.
    We have updated Morphology and a couple of other themes lately, but not all of them required updates.
    So it depends which theme you using whether you see update notification or not.



    Thank you. I didn’t realize the lower section in the purchase history area were download links! I’m still having an issue with updating one of the themes, but I suspect it’s because I bought it before the lifetime sub option. I’ll post in the appropriate forum for that theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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