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    Angela Dunsire


    I’m using the child theme with seasonal pro and want to create a page template that does not include the standard banner widget.

    Can you advise
    (a) how to amend page.php, and
    (b) where to place the new page template so it is picked up as a template option



    Is this only for the reaon of not wanting a banner to show on that page?
    If so, you don’t need a page template, you can use a plugin like Display Widgets to show widgets (like a banner or slider) on select pages only.

    Show Widgets on Select Pages only

    But, if you decide to make a template, you would add it to a folder named “page-templates” in your child theme. Inside that will be your template page.

    This might help with templates too:

    [url=]WP Custom Templates[/url]

    hatton celine

    -edit: wrong forum sorry-

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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