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    Marianne Moershel

    I upgraded from the free Seasonal theme and now I am having a problem setting the background colour for the sidebar. I removed the default image and set a new colour for the background. Although the colour setting accepts the new hex value, the actual colour does not change. I have tried different hex values, made sure I refreshed the page, unloaded/reloaded the browser. Nothing works … the sidebar is stuck on the default colour.


    You’re right….I just tested this on my local test site and sure enough it doesn’t change. Not to worry, I will get this fixed right now. Give me about 20 minutes.


    OK, I found the problem. What I will do is get you to edit the actual theme file “custom-backgrounds.php” which is where you will find this code around line 84

    [code]$style = $color ? “background-color: $color;” : ”;[/code]

    Change that line to look like this:

    [code]$style = $color ? “background-color: #$color;” : ”;[/code]

    I will add this fix to a theme update, but so you don’t have to wait for that, you can edit that file I mentioned.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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