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    Hello. I have added a couple of widgets in the inset area of the website and one in the banner area but widgets do not show at all in the article/post page. They do appear in the category, page and homepage. What is weird is that there is a big blank space where the widgets are supposed to appear but they do not show.

    Please help me

    Also in another topic you said that you were about to add a search box in the sidebar but I do see any search box anywhere. What gives ?

    Thank you so much !


    I thought I would follow up before I call it a night….
    For your first issue regarding the inset sidebar not showing up, are you referring to the “full” post view? Do you also have a link to where this is in reference to on your site?

    Also, regarding the search field…I have tested that option and was actually waiting to add a few more updates to the theme before releasing it. What I can do if you need that, is upload a “beta” version, although it won’t be a full update version yet. I can do that tomorrow.


    Thanks for the reply. Not easy with the time difference…

    Indeed I am talking about the full post view. Except for the footer widget which seems to work ok the other widgets (banner, bottom and inset) do not show at all. They do show in the page view or category view though.
    Here s a full post view example:

    The page is in French I hope that won’t be a problem ( I had to translate a few things in the css because there was no automatic translation).

    Please let me know if I m doing something wrong. Thanks.

    No need to worry about the search box I am currently testing the site to make it the way I want before the launch so there s no rush.

    Thank you.


    You’re very welcome…it was past midnight for me but I like to check emails before I call it a night.

    Thanks for the link, and not to worry about it being in French because even though I’m French/Canadian, I can read most of it 🙂

    Regarding the full post view, not all sidebar positions will show on that page view because some posts can be quite long or have a ton of comments, so I left out the inset one. I guess I can leave that choice to the user and put that into the full post with the beta upload.

    Not sure what you translated in CSS though, but if you modified the theme’s own stylesheet, this will be lost once an update is applied.

    Anyway, I will upload a beta later today that will have a few minor adjustments, the search field, and I will add the “missing” sidebar position(s) to the full post view.


    Being able to get the inset widget in the full view post and the search field in the menu would be a blast.

    Thanks a lot.

    Don’t worry about the style sheet I will modify it again as it didn’t take me very long.

    Where would I be able to the beta once it’s ready to download ?

    By the way I forgot to tell you how nice and cool I find the seasonal theme, very different from the other themes so kudos to you !


    I’m working on the theme right now, so I am guessing in about 3 hours or so.

    Thank you for the comment about my Seasonal theme…I may have to use that as a testimonial 🙂
    The Seasonal theme turned out to be a very popular theme, second to Longevity.


    I’ve uploaded the beta version as version 1.2.4. I still might add or make more adjustments to this one if this update shows no bugs or errors. Please note that when you upload and overwrite the existing theme files, they will all be replaced with the new ones.


    I have activated the child theme and copied the files I have modified there. So if I upload the beta version I should be OK with the changes I made right ?

    Sorry for the question I am new to WordPress and trying to comprehend how child themes work.


    If you are using a child theme, yes, you should be OK, which is the benefit of using a child theme. Basically a child theme inherits the styles and functions of the parent theme (Seasonal Pro). Because the child theme is the active theme, and when you update the parent theme, only the parent theme files are affected, not the child theme. So any changes and customization you perform on the child theme, they won’t be lost.

    No worries about the questions and being new to WordPress. Over time, you will get used to it and get more familiar with how WP works. I used to work and design with Joomla (which is what my site here is using), but when I started looking into WordPress, it took me a while, but the best advice I can give is take it slow, one step at a time, explore the documentation at the wordpress site, and you will be fine.


    I applied the beta version and it works fine 🙂 Widgets are now showing on the full post page. So thanks a bunch.

    A couple of things tough :

    1. In the full post page, for instance here: there is large blank space between my comments box and the inset widget. That blank space only occurs on the full post page. Is it something embedded within the template or do you think this is some kind of issue with a plugin ?

    2. Where can I look should I want to move up or down the search box displayed in the sidebar ?

    Thanks again !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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