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    Alan Rands

    Hi Folks

    I have been reading a lot about the coming Gutenberg version of WordPress to be released in Version 5.0
    This looks to me like a disaster waiting to happen.
    I think it is being rushed out and there are still soo many things wrong with it.

    My problem is that I am about to start the development of two new web projects that will be quite large and very complex.
    One of them will require several very specific plug-ins.

    My question here for you is
    “are you looking at the impact of Gutenberg, and will your themes be amended to use the ‘blocks’ concept that WordPress is raving about?”

    I am very interested as there is I can see all of my profits disappearing if these new sites break

    I really need assurances that the things I rely on will not break



    Hello Alan,

    We’ll be testing Gutenberg compatibility within couple of weeks and make sure we release the updates for the themes.

    Best Regards,

    Alan Rands


    Can you also advise the status of WooCommerce Templates.
    I have installed Woocommerce on two sites in development and both are reporting that Woocommerce Templates in the theme (shaped Pixels) are out of date

    Thanks Bidur

    Shaped Pixels

    Hello Alan,

    In general, if you see no display issues on your site, you can just dismiss Woocommerce template notifications and ignore it.

    The WooCommerce plugin often updates their templates. Our themes add some customization to these page templates. When Woocommerce comes out with a new version – our version gets outdated – this is just a version number mismatch. Nothing to worry about.
    After some time we always update our WooCommerce templates too to keep up with the new version.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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