Setup your logo

When you first install the theme, by default, you will see a text based title and tagline already in place. For some people, this might work for them, but if you decide to use a logo, This theme gives you the ability to upload your own.

Uploading a Logo

  1. Prepare your logo for uploading, either as a jpg or png file format for best results
  2. In your admin, go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Title & Tagline
    logo upload
  3. Select Image and browse or upload a logo
    logo setup
  4. When it uploads, click Save & Publish

Adjusting the Logo Margins

If you need to adjust the margins (positioning) of your site title or logo, this theme includes a setting for this.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Site Title & Tagline >> Logo Margins
    logo margins
  2. Change the margin to your needs

Important Make sure you maintain the 4 margin figures that represents the top margin, right margin, bottom margin, and then the left margin: 32px 0 0 0 respectively. Anything other than “0” needs “px” added like you see with the 32px margin (which is the top margin).