Create your main menu

Depending on the theme you use, some may include a menu that is automatically generated and displayed, but with Influential Lite, we need to create a custom menu for greater flexibility. In the Basic Theme Setup tutorials section, there is a tutorial for Creating your custom menus, but I will give you a quick tutorial based on the WordPress standard method of creating a menu:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus
  2. Enter a menu name for your new menu and click “Create Menu
    menu create
  3. Next, look to the bottom area and select the menu location “Primary
    menu settings primary
  4. Now you can begin adding menu items like pages, categories, custom links, etc., to your menu by drag and drop.
  5. Click the “Save Menu” button

Making Other Menus

If you want to create additional menus, such as your Footer menu, or a different one to use in the “Custom Menu” widget, the process will be the same. The only difference is what location you will publish the menu. For Influential Lite, you get 3 menu locations that are predefined for you:

  1. Primary – Your main menu
  2. Social – This is your social menu
  3. Footer – This is your footer menu

IMPORTANT Avoid publishing more than one menu to the same location.