Landing Page – Introduction

Influential Lite has one landing page template that you can use. However, I should note that Influential Lite uses the same landing page template that the premium version offers, but it has only half of the sections Influential has. You can see this template in action by visiting the live demo site:


….or you can view the screenshot below which displays the following 3 landing page sections:

  1. The three image column boxes
  2. Add Theme for Real Business Concepts – Call to action
  3. Logo bar

landing page demo

How you setup your page is going to be up to you, but it does offer a vast array of options, so as you go through this tutorial, I recommend taking it slow and one step at a time because it can be a bit overwhelming. 

What I will do here is split the landing page into multiple tutorials, one for each section, starting with this introduction. This will make it much easier to follow as you build your very own landing page, but for the sake of this tutorial, we will focus on how I made the one for the Influential site demo.

When it comes to making your own, I suggest getting yourself comfortable enough with the template and its options and settings so that you can plan out your own, as I am sure not everyone may want to have the same look and style as I have it.


The landing page template is premade with three (3) sections (the premium version has 6), each one is 100% in width, but each one also contains 4 sidebar positions in each one. This means that you have up to 12 sidebar positions (24 with the premium) available to you, plus the main content area — the area where you can put page content into it. By default, each section has a set of predefined colour settings, such as the background colour being white. You can of course change these options in the customizer (more on this later).

You do not have to use every section. The ones you do not need, you can keep them disabled from the customizer which helps to manage what elements are shown in the admin like sidebars. Because there are 12 sidebars and if you only need 4, why take up space in your widgets admin area with additional sidebars that are not being used…again, more on this later.

If you need some extra styling that this theme does not include in the customizer, you will need to create custom CSS. For example, if you want a background image to a section, Influential does not have that option, but with your own CSS, you can easily achieve that result.


You can put almost any kind of content into each section, including the main content area that is done from the page editor. Use images, videos, illustrations, widgets, and anything else you can think of. There are many plugins available for WordPress that gives you additional flexibility of what you can add to your website, so this will be up to you to be creative.

Full Width – Fluid

With your sections, you can have your content conform to your main content width, or you can have your sections content width as fluid (100%) to stretch it out.

Go to your Customizer and then to the Landing Page Options tab, then go into the Landing Page Content tab. Check the box if you want fluid widths for your landing page sections.

landing page fluid