Setup Influential Lite

Welcome to the setup tutorials for the free WordPress theme named Influential Lite. Please note that any support you may need while setting up this theme is available to you by going to the theme’s download page at and click on the “View Support Forum” button.

Create your main menu

Depending on the theme you use, some may include a menu that is automatically generated and displayed, but with Influential Lite, we need to create a custom menu for greater flexibility. In the Basic Theme Setup tutorials section, there is a tutorial for Creating your custom menus, but I will give you a quick tutorial based on the WordPress standard method of creating a menu:

Using a Bootstrap Plugin

Influential Lite uses a very limited version of Bootstrap without all the added elements like buttons, progress bars, tabs, accordions, etc. This theme only uses the grid layout to achieve the responsive column structure that this theme is built on. This also comes in handy if you want to use “columns” in your pages, posts, or even a text widget. 

Using Font Awesome Icons

Although this theme uses the popular Font Awesome icon set, you can use a plugin for more flexibility. This theme lets you disable Font Awesome that is already included if you want to use the plugin method. If you decide to use a plugin, I recommend Better Font Awesome.

An introduction to Influential Lite

Influential Lite is a robust and powerful business theme to accommodate small to medium sized companies and for e-commerce based sites that use or plan to use WooCommerce. This theme includes a ton of features built into it, as well over 80 colour settings to give you the opportunity to stylize your website with an array of unlimited colours. Let’s take a look at some of the key features: