Show or hide various page or post elements

As it is common for most of our themes, you can show or hide various post and page elements such as:

Post Author

meta info

show post author

Comments Link

meta info

show comment link

Summary Meta Info – This will hide the complete meta information line all at the same time

meta info

show summary meta

Full Post Featured Image

full post featured image

show full featured image

Full Post Footer Information

full post footer

show full post footer info

Full Post Navigation

post nav

show post nav

Full Post Author Bio

post author bio

show author bio

Full Post Tags List

full post footer

show tags

Full Post Category List

full post footer

show cats

With Influential, you can show or hide any of these elements by placing a checkmark or unchecking the boxes next to each setting. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Blog Options
  2. Look for each element and either place a check in each box to show it, or uncheck it to hide the element
  3. Click “Save & Publish

Show or Hide the Edit Link

By default, I have this disabled, otherwise you would see the “Edit” link on your posts and pages. If you are a website owner that likes to have the ability to click on this link and open that post or page in the editor to make instant changes, you can go into the customizer and turn this feature on.

For the full post, you can find the “Edit” link in the footer area of the post:

edit full post

For pages, you can find the “Edit” link at the bottom of the page content:

page edit link

How to Show or Hide Elements

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Show Edit Link” setting and place a check in the box next to it
    show edit link
  3. Click on “Save & Publish