An Introduction to Longevity

Longevity is a responsive multipurpose theme boasting a minimalist design concept while a unique curved graphic helps showcase your images on every page. Easy to configure and customize, Longevity gives you several options built into the WordPress Customizer for live previews as you make your changes.

Features Built into Longevity

  • Mobile responsive
  • 9 Preset colours
  • Unlimited Colours with colour selectors
  • 21 Widget positions
  • 4 Bog styles
  • 3 Single layout styles for a full post view
  • Enable or disable several in-page elements
  • Multiple post formats
  • Microdata formatting based on for Google
  • Built-in theme customizer with several options

Start With the Basic Theme Setup Tutorials

We’ve kept the common tutorials separate under the category of “Basic Theme Setup” because they relate to each theme we offer. Once you have gone through the the initial setup tutorials, you can come back to the “Setup Longevity” section for tutorials that are unique to this theme only.

Basic Theme Setup