Choose your header style and layout

With Opportune, you get two header styles included:

  1. Logo to the Left and Menu to the Right (a common layout)
  2. Centered Logo and Menu below

For some, it may be just for preference to have either one active, while others need to change it to fit their specific needs, such as a site’s main menu needing a lot of space. So lets take the example of needing more menu space because this will more likely be the most common reason to switch up, although there may be other reasons.

The theme is setup to use the first style by default, but you can change this at any time you wish. But if you have a site with a lot of menu links, you will need more space than what the menu aligned to the upper right can accommodate. For this reason, the second option is best because now it gives you a full width menu and moves your logo to the top and centered.

Header Style 1 – default

header style default

Header Style 2 – Centered

When you select this option, you may want to make sure your logo is proporational with equal white space to the left and right of the logo image itself.

header style center

How to Make the Change

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Find the Header Style setting and make your selection
    header style option
  3. Click Save & Publish