Choose your blog style and layout

Changing your blog style is not just for layout, but also for what style of featured image you want. You get 2 blog styles, 3 with the premium version:

  1. Blog Full Style – For larger featured images
  2. Blog Small Style – For smaller featured images
  3. Blog Grid StylePremium version only


blog styles

When you choose your style of layout, it’s best to prepare your featured images to be sized for the choice you make so that page load times can be limited. For example, if you use the “Blog Small Style“, don’t use 1000×1000 pixel featured images. To help you out, here is a guide for featured image sizes:

  • Blog Full Style – you can have up to 1140 pixels in width and height can be up to you
  • Blog Small Style – I would keep your images somewhere around  365×225 pixels

Note If you started off with larger images, and then change your style to the Small or Grid style, you will still be OK because the layouts will force the image to resize (downsize).

Change Your Blog Style

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Blog Options
  2. Find the “Blog Style” setting and make your choice
    blog style setting
  3. Click “Save & Publish” at the top of the column.