An introduction to your sidebar positions

As with most themes, you get sidebars to publish widgets to. This theme offers up to 33 sidebar positions, at least 2 of them for the WooCommerce plugin when enabled. This introduction and tutorial is in two parts, one for the actual sidebars and the other redirects you to a more indepth introduction of how sidebars work…specifically dynamic sidebars.

Emotions Sidebars

As mentioned, you get up to 33 sidebar positions with this theme. You can see them on the live demo site HERE or view the screenshot below:


Some sidebars are basic while others are dynamic (adjustable to available space) and some won’t show unless you turn them on from the customizer. With the Left and Right sidebars, you get two sets of each, one for the blog section of your site and one for actual pages:

  1. Blog Left Sidebar
  2. Blog Right Sidebar
  3. Page Left Sidebar
  4. Page Right Sidebar

This means that if you publish a widget to the Blog Right Sidebar, this will not show on the Page Right Sidebar…and vice versa. If you want the same widget to show on both, you will need to publish a new one to the Page Right Sidebar.

Showcase Sidebars

You get two Showcase sidebars, one for the top of your page and one for the bottom of your page. These are not turned on by default because it helps save space and clutter in your widget’s admin area and the customizer. Why have something showing if you don’t plan to use them, right! To turn on either one, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Turn on the Top Showcase Sidebars” and check the box next to it to enable it
    enable showcase top
  3. If you want the bottom showcase sidebars, then look for the “Turn on the Bottom Showcase Sidebars” and check that box
    enable showcase bottom
  4. Click “Save & Publish” at the top.

When you have either one turned on, you will find that in the customizer, there is a new tab added titled “Showcase Options” where you will find custom settings for both the top and bottom showcase (if you have both enabled). 

showcase options

In addition to the new customizer settings being added, you will now see Showcase sidebars added to the widgets admin area:

showcase top sidebarsshowcase bottom sidebars

WooCommerce Sidebars

Just like the Showcase sidebars, you won’t see the WooCommerce sidebars until you turn on WooCommerce. This is off by default because not everyone will be running WooCommerce, so again, why have them show if you don’t need them!

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Turn on WooCommerce Elements” setting and check the box next to it
    enable woocommerce
  3. Click “Save & Publish

In the customizer, you will now see a new tab section added with additional settings available for your WooCommerce:

customizer woocommerce

Likewise, you will aslo get WooCommerce sidebars added to your widgets admin area:

woo sidebars

Show Widgets on Select Pages Only

This is the other part of this introduction where you get redirected to another article that takes you through the process of showing widgets on select pages only. By default WordPress does not have this capability, so we have to use a plugin for this, such as Display Widgets or Jetpack’s Widget Visibility.