Choose your blog style and layout

Emphasize Pro comes with eight (8) blog styles, each with a different layout containing either a left, right, or for those who don’t like left and right sidebars, you get that choice so that you can simply focus just on the post itself without distractions. Please note that whatever you select here will also affect other blog based pages like archives, categories, that will adopt your choice of style.

Style 1 – Standard Right Sidebar

This is the standard layout and style that is most common.


Style 2 – Standard Left Sidebar

Just like the first one, this uses the left sidebar layout.


Style 3 – Centered with no Left or Right Sidebar

For absolute focus on content only, this one offers a centered post summary with no left or right sidebars. You can have any size of featured image you want.


Style 4 – Background Title Right Sidebar

This is similar to the Standard style, but this one puts a background behind the title. This is best suited if you plan to have the wide featured image so that the title and background will fit the image properly. For smaller featured images, I recommend not using this style because the title background will go past the width of the smaller image.


Style 5 – Background Title Left Sidebar

Just like Style 4, this one is only different with the sidebar being on the left instead of the right side.


Style 6 – Left with no Left or Right Sidebars

Again, for focus on content only, this one puts the featured image to the left of the post summary with no left or right sidebars. I would recommend keeping your featured images consistent in size (more so for width) so that each post summary lines up vertically. The featured image size you see in the screenshot below is 400 pixels in width.


Style 7 – Masonry with No Left or Right Sidebar

A popular style with many themes, this one takes advantage of the WordPress built-in masonry script. This style gives you a masonry layout with no left or right sidebars and is centered in the middle of your page.


Style 8 – Masonry Full Width

If you like the masonry style but want it to stretch full width of your browser window, then this one will do that. I recommend though that you make sure your featured images are wide enough to fill any empty white space. The masonry style is also responsive, which means as the browser window resizes, your post summaries will adjust in width and also the number of columns will change.



Select Your Blog Style from the Customizer

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Basic Settings
  2. Find the “Blog Layout” setting and make your choice
    blog style setting
  3. Click “Save & Publish