Introduction to HTML Snippets

I’m kind of breaking my rules here by offering HTML snippets for the Emphasize Pro theme. However, I will have a blog article about this shortly as to why, but to also explain the solution that is best suited for handling all those cool little content elements you see in themes, things like icon boxes, tabs, accordions, etc.

Available Snippets

In the meantime, we can take advantage of using some of these in-page content elements that I’ve included in this theme. Each item in the list below is a link (as a new tab or window) to the live demo site to show what each one looks like:

  1. Action Boxes
  2. Button Styles
  3. Blockquotes
  4. Content Box
  5. Content Dividers
  6. Content Titles
  7. Headings
  8. Icon Boxes
  9. Image Boxes
  10. List Styles
  11. Team Box
  12. Widget Styles

Normally things like these items are handled with “shortcodes” that are supposed to make things easier, but it depends on how the shortcodes are created. If they are created in the theme itself, that is bad, however, if they are created in an installable plugin, that is good. I will soon have a plugin developed that will make this process very easy by allowing you to use the above elements (and perhaps more) within your page content. Until then, I will continue with this introduction to the HTML Snippets that comes with this theme package.

With the downloaded package that you got, when you unzip it, you will find a folder called “snippets”. In this folder, you will find several HTML Snippet text files, each one pertaining to the elements listed above. Basically you copy and paste the code into your page (in the Text tab of your editor), and then replace the sample content with your own. Each text file also gives you instructions on how to use the code. If you still need help, please post your question(s) in the Support Forum and I will follow up to help you.

Snippet Shortcodes

Using shortcodes from a plugin is the best solution and generally easier to use than HTML Snippets because you don’t have to work around HTML code. HTML code in the WordPress editor is not overly friendly and can easily be affected if you accidentally delete part of the code while you add your own content to it. I generally recommend after you paste the code in the “Text” tab of the editor, that you add your content to the snippet while still in the text view.

As I mentioned, I will soon be converting and updating the theme snippets into shortcodes, some time in the month of May, 2015, so check back often once May comes around. I will do this as an update to the Emphasize Pro theme.