Setup your logo

When you first install the theme, by default, you will see a text based title and tagline already in place. For some people, this might work for them, but if you decide to use a logo, This theme gives you the ability to upload your own.

Logo Size

Because this theme has the main menu off to the right of the site title or logo, there is only a certain amount of space available, so you will want to keep this in mind when you modify or create your logo for this theme. Your available space is:

Maximum Width = 1140 pixels
Height (recommended) = 150 pixels

Uploading a Logo

  1. Prepare your logo for uploading, either as a jpg or png file format for best results
  2. In your admin, go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Title & Tagline
    logo upload
  3. Select Image and browse or upload a logo
    upload logo
  4. When it uploads, click Save & Publish

Adjusting the Logo Margins

If you need to adjust the margins (positioning) of your site title or logo, this theme includes a setting for this.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Site Title & Tagline >> Logo Margins
    logo margins
  2. Change the margin to your needs

Important Make sure you maintain the 4 margin figures that represents the top margin, right margin, bottom margin, and then the left margin: 10px 0 0 0 respectively. Anything other than “0” needs “px” added like you see with the 10px margin (which is the top margin).