Setup Incept

Shortcodes – Create Showcase Galleries

The Showcase shortcode does not create a full gallery, but what it does is give you a showcase gallery item….the actual image structure. The reason for this is because you can create varying numbers of columns per gallery item, but it also allows you to use this in non-gallery ways as well. But let’s take this tutorial and guide you through the process of creating a 3-column Showcase Gallery that is similar to this:

Shortcodes – Display Headings

The Display Headings shortcodes provide at least a couple, but very flexible heading styles. At least two of them are using primarily in Content Boxes, but for this tutorial, we will focus more on the “Display Headings”. Although if you like how the headings for the Content Boxes look, you can still use them in your page content.

Shortcodes – Make Icon Boxes

Making icon boxes can be done in a few ways, either from the shortcode generator using the button on the content editor, or pasting in shortcode directly. We can also add icon boxes to our post or page content, but also to Text Widgets. How you add and to where you add your icon box will depend on which method, so I will take you through this tutorial.