Adjust your left vertical column width

This is probably an unusual and unique feature for a theme, but with Incept, you can adjust the width of your left column where your logo goes. Why would you do this? 

  • For visual aethetics to create a wider column
  • For adding a logo that needs a wider column

You don’t have to make it wider, you can also make it smaller if you wish…right down to 0 pixels. Actually, the column width is done in percentage % instead of pixels. This makes it adjust to responsive devices of varying sizes. By default, the column is set to 8% in width.

column width

How to Change Your Column Width

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Side Column Width” setting and change the width in the field to the percentage that you want. If you want 10%, then just enter 10. The default size is 8%
    side column width
  3. When happy with the size, click “Save & Publish