Enable WooCommerce settings and features

I won’t go into a big tutorial on how to install and setup WooCommerce, as I will leave that to you to reference their own documentation. This tutorial is setup to show how to enable this theme’s WooCommerce styles and other elements like sidebars. I will also assume that you have WooCommerce already installed and setup before you begin theme customization.

Enable WooCommerce Elements

Not everyone may need WooCommerce, so I made all elements and styles related to this theme’s styling disabled (turned off).

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Options
  2. Look for the “Turn on WooCommerce Elements” and check the box next to it
    woocommerce setting on
  3. Click “Save & Publish

When you turn on WooCommerce Elements, your theme loads custom WooCommerce customizer options:

woocommerce options

When you go into the “WooCommerce Options” panel of the customizer, you will discover many options available, like:

shop layout settingsingle shop setting

woo small sidebar settingwoo colour setting

The above settings will let you change the layout of your online shop and customize some of the elements like button colours and other items.

WooCommerce Sidebars

When you enable the WooCommerce Elements, you also get sidebars that get added to the widgets admin area:

woo sidebars

WooCommerce Templates

Although WooCommerce templates will show up in the page attributes of your page editor, you get three (3) template options for your WooCommerce other pages like Account, Cart, Checkout, etc.

woo templates