Introduction to the Incept Shortcodes

With Incept, you have several shortcodes available by installing the included shortcode plugin called “Incept Shortcodes” that allows me to provide you with several shortcodes for various types of content elements:

  • Columns 
  • Showcase Gallery Items
  • Content Boxes
  • Icon Boxes
  • Buttons
  • Dividers
  • Dropcap
  • Lead text
  • Banner Caption

* There is also the possibility that more shortcodes will be added to this plugin.

Shortcode Demos – Go to the main menu of the demo and view the available shortcodes under the “Shortcodes” menu link.

The shortcodes that come with this plugin and theme allow you to create content without touching HTML code…although you do have that option. One of the problems with WordPress and the editor that comes with WordPress, is that it’s not HTML code friendly and often creates a messy experience for many users when it comes to using or editing in-page HTML content. The solution here is to use shortcodes, which is also the recommended method of adding content elements like the list shown above.

The shortcodes are added to the WordPress editor as individual icons:

shortcodes editor

When you click on any shortcode icon, you will see a popup window display in the middle of your window that includes select options and form fields, depending on the shortcode that you are using. For example, this one is the “Showcase” shortcode:

shortcode popup

Using Shortcodes in a Text Widget

WordPress has yet another disappointment that it does not include a default text widget with a built-in editor, so we have to use the basic text widget, but you have to paste in your shortcode yourself. 

Install the Incept Shortcodes Plugin

You will only need to install this plugin if you want to access the shortcodes. 

  1. In the original downloaded theme package, locate the “plugin” folder and inside you will find the “” file.
  2. In your site’s admin, go to Plugins >> Add New
  3. Browse for the file and then install/activate it

You can also choose which shortcodes and features to add to your editor.

NOTE One important item to be aware of is that the JS file is actually Bootstrap JS scripts for Bootstrap elements.

  1. Go to Settings >> Incept Shortcodes
  2. If you are using a theme other than Incept, you will need to enable at least the Incept Shortcodes CSS file. If you are not using a theme or plugin that already has Bootstrap JS and/or Font Awesome font icons, you will need to check those boxes as well. This will load the requires styling for each shortcode, otherwise if you are using Incept, the theme already has all these styles and scripts included, so you can leave the boxes unchecked.
    shortcodes load scripts
  3. You can decide which shortcodes to add to your content editor by checking each box next to each shortcode
    shortcodes add checkboxes
  4. Click “Save Changes

How to Use Each Shortcode

I will create separate tutorials for each shortcode. If you cannot see a tutorial for the shortcode you are using, post the info to the support forum for the Incept theme.