Setup Incept

Adjust your left vertical column width

This is probably an unusual and unique feature for a theme, but with Incept, you can adjust the width of your left column where your logo goes. Why would you do this? 

  • For visual aethetics to create a wider column
  • For adding a logo that needs a wider column

You don’t have to make it wider, you can also make it smaller if you wish…right down to 0 pixels. Actually, the column width is done in percentage % instead of pixels. This makes it adjust to responsive devices of varying sizes. By default, the column is set to 8% in width.

An introduction to custom widget styles

Incept offers optional custom widget styles that changes the look to widgets when applied. When we say “optional”, we mean that they are available to you if the “Widget CSS Classes” plugin is installed and activated. Unfortunately, WordPress does not have this feature capability built into it, so we need a plugin to add this function. There are not a lot of plugins available that can do this, but the one I recommend is called “Widget CSS Classes” by C.M. Kendrick.

An introduction to Incept

Incept is the perfect theme designed for your WooCommerce shop based and built on the upcoming Bootstrap 4 which makes it ideal for today’s responsive websites. Due to its flexibility, Incept can also be used for other types of websites like information based business, or even a modern style of blog. So if you do not need an online store, you can keep WooCommerce disabled from the customizer.