Shortcodes – Content Dividers

Content dividers is a way to separate content in your post or page. With Incept, dividers are custom styled <hr /> tags which gives you a few choices like the screenshot snippet shows below:


The first one is the standard “horizontal rule” which is styled as a solid grey line. The second one is a double lined style, followed by the third divider giving you a faded effect from left to the center then fades again to the right.

Insert a Divider

Inserting a divider can be done from your editor without shortcode, using the editor’s own “Horizontal Rule” button. This theme has styling for it, but to maintain the styles if you change the theme, or if you want to apply one of the other two options, then the shortcode method is best suited. Start by clicking on the shortcode Divider button:

divider editor button

Once you click the button, you will get a dropdown choice of dividers:


Make your choice and then you will see it get added to your content with this shortcode:

[incept_divider style="double"]

The style will depend on what you insert into the content.

NOTE The shortcode above can be copied and pasted into a text widget as well.