Shortcodes – Make Buttons

This tutorial will help you make buttons using Shortcodes. 

On the editor, click on the shortcode icon for “Buttons” to bring up the button options window:

button icon

shortcode buttons

Now we can choose the button attributes that we want, starting with “Size”.

  • Size – This is the size of your button you want
  • Colour – This lets you choose the preset colour for your button
  • Value – This is the button label (text)
  • Link – This is the link you want to link this button to. Make sure you use a link like this:

Once done, click on the “Insert” button which then adds your shortcode into your content like this example:

[incept_button size="md" colour="aqua" value="My Button" href=""]

Once this is added, you can still make changes to it if you need something modified. You can also copy and paste the above shortcode instead of using the shortcode generator on the editor.

When done, you can see your button on the front of your site:

shortcode button example