Setup Influential

Add WooCommerce to your site

I won’t go into a big tutorial on how to install and setup WooCommerce, as I will leave that to you to reference their own documentation. This tutorial is setup to show how to enable this theme’s WooCommerce styles and other elements like sidebars. I will also assume that you have WooCommerce already installed and setup before you begin theme customization.

Create page dividers

If you need to separate elements in your page or post content, you would normally use a “Horizontal Rule” which is usually found on the editor (depending on the editor of course). This is usually a simple line that is placed between two paragraphs, images, or any other elements in a page. You can see the demo for this theme’s dividers here:

Setup Breadcrumb navigation

Influential includes a sidebar that is special for those who want to run their site with breadcrumb navigation. This tutorial will help you get this setup. Normally I recommend using the popular Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, but you can use any plugin you want, but I would look for one that has a widget you can use in the theme’s “Breadcrumbs” sidebar position. This makes it easier than opening a theme file to modify it with code that some plugins instruct.

Create Icon Boxes

Icon Boxes give you a nice enhancement to any page, especially when you have a large variety of icons you can use from Font Awesome. Not only can you create an icon box, you can also customize it with colour, size, and content.