If you using plugins for WooCommerce, bbPress, Font Awesome, or Bootstrap

With this theme, you get several options to enable or disable certain plugin elements relating to:

  • Font Awesome – On by default because this theme has it, but if you have a plugin that loads it, you can uncheck this
  • Bootstrap – Inlfuential uses the Grid Layout of Bootstrap, but if you are using a plugin that has Bootstrap, uncheck this
  • WooCommerce – If you plan on using WooCommerce, check this box
  • bbPress – If you plan on using bbPress, check this box

On the live demo site, I have this setup:

enable plugin elements

What the above settings do is turn on or off any elements relating to each one. For example, if you check the box next to WooCommerce, this will load WooCommerce templates, sidebars, and styles. The same goes for bbPress.

NOTE I will go more in depth with each one with setup tutorials that relates to each one.