Setup Influential

Change the colours to your website

With Influential, you can customize your website colours with special settings (selectors) which can be found in the customizer. This theme currently has over 80 colour settings to give you virtually unlimited colours for your site….use your imagination to create stunning colour concepts so that your site does not look like others who may be using Influential.

Using a Bootstrap plugin

Influential uses a very limited version of Bootstrap without all the added elements like buttons, progress bars, tabs, accordions, etc. This theme only uses the grid layout to achieve the responsive column structure that this theme is built on. This also comes in handy if you want to use “columns” in your pages, posts, or even a text widget. 

Using Font Awesome icons

Although this theme uses the popular Font Awesome icon set, you can use a plugin for more flexibility. This theme lets you disable Font Awesome that is already included if you want to use the plugin method. If you decide to use a plugin, I recommend Better Font Awesome.

If you using plugins for WooCommerce, bbPress, Font Awesome, or Bootstrap

With this theme, you get several options to enable or disable certain plugin elements relating to:

  • Font Awesome – On by default because this theme has it, but if you have a plugin that loads it, you can uncheck this
  • Bootstrap – Inlfuential uses the Grid Layout of Bootstrap, but if you are using a plugin that has Bootstrap, uncheck this
  • WooCommerce – If you plan on using WooCommerce, check this box
  • bbPress – If you plan on using bbPress, check this box

On the live demo site, I have this setup: