Setup Influential

Change the Site Title and Description or upload a Logo

After installing Influential, the default setup should be the title and the tagline description, but you have a few options:

  1. Site Title & Tagline – Text based title and site description
  2. Site Title – You can hide the tagline and just go with a title
  3. Logo – You can opt in for just a logo
  4. Logo with tagline – You can have a logo above your Site Title & Tagline
  5. Logo with title and taline – Include all three elements

The live demo site shows the site title, tagline, plus a logo which is automatically placed to the left. You may need to create some custom CSS if you need to move it. 

An introduction to Influential

Influential is a robust and powerful business theme to accommodate small to medium sized companies and for e-commerce based sites that use or plan to use WooCommerce. This theme includes a ton of features built into it, as well over 80 colour settings to give you the opportunity to stylize your website with an array of unlimited colours. Let’s take a look at some of the key features: