Setup Longevity Pro

Change Theme Colours

Longevity Pro gives you 15 preset colour choices that you can use. I normally don’t do preset colours, but because this theme uses a special curved graphic on the front of the site, we need to have this available for each colour option, otherwise you would have to manually create a new curved banner graphic.

Change your banner Curve options

One of the latest additions to Longevity (starting from version 1.1.2) is the ability to select what size of a curved graphic you want to use for your banners. By default, the front page will use the larger one while inner pages will use the smaller graphic. Please note that when there is nothing published to the Banner sidebar, the small curve will show.

An Introduction to Longevity Shortcodes

Throughout the years of designing WordPress themes, I’ve always provides HTML Snippets that you can copy and paste into your page to get various types of things like progress bars, columns, drop caps, etc. However, there is a caveat of doing snippets, simply by copy and pasting directly into your page editor…should you change your theme, you will end up losing all your snippets, along with the styling that each one needs, which means you will need to go into the previous theme and copy all the CSS into the new one (or rather a custom CSS file). Not fun at all.