Basic Theme Setup Longevity Pro

The first thing you will need to do is to download the theme to your desktop and then unzip the file “” because inside this is your actual theme file.

Get a copy of Longevity Pro Theme
Unzip the downloaded zip file.
Upload the unzipped file in to /wp-content/themes/
Now, activate the theme by going to Appearance -> Themes in the wordpress dashboard.
Activate the Longevity Pro and Click on “Customize” in the Appearance Menu in the Dashboard. To edit the content of theme.

Updating Theme:

Before You get Ready for Updating the theme you will need to make sure the following things:-

If you edited the WordPress theme file previously, update may remove the settings that you have saved, so make sure that you have used the child themes.
Backup your current theme using ftp and save it to your desired location. Go to your themes directory ->> Wp-content –> Themes using ftp and download the theme that you want to backup.
Go to Admin->Dashboard->Theme and select another theme that you have installed except the theme that you are going to update and activate the theme.
Go to the Theme that you want to update and click on it and a box will appear and click ok.
Now follow all the steps of installing the theme as we have mentioned above.
After you complete all the steps your theme has been updated.