An introduction to the Splash Landing page template

Morphology includes a special template that you can use as a website splash page (landing page) like the live demo site is using:


Create a Page

All you need to do is create a blank page and assign the landing page as the template, then set this as the static front page.

  1. Go to Pages >> Add New
  2. Title it as you want. For example, you can title it as “Welcome to My Site” or anything you want.
  3. From the “Page Attributes“, select the “Splash Page” as the template.
  4. We are making a blank page, so we don’t add content (it won’t show anyway)
  5. Click “Publish

Customize Your Splash Page Logo

This is only if you plan to use a logo, otherwise you can remove the default logo and move on to the next part.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Landing Page
  2. Find the “Upload your landing page logo” setting and then click on the “Remove” button and then the “Select” button to set your own logo (if you plan to use one).
    landing logo upload
  3. Click “Save & Publish

Add Your Own Page Photo

You don’t have to use a photo in this page if you want to use the body page background colour instead. But if you decide to use a photo, I recommend using the best quality photo you can get, and make it at least 1920×1200 pixels to accommodate large monitors with large resolutions. However, I would not recommend going less than 1400px in width, otherwise as the photo is stretched to fill the area, the quality will diminish.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Landing Page
  2. Find the “Upload your landing page image” setting and click on the “Select Image” button to find or upload the photo you want to use.
    landing image select
  3. Click “Save & Publish

Customize Your Landing Page Attributes

In addition to using a logo and uploading a page photo, you also have several other options available to you:

  • Show Landing Page Site Title – This is your site title that is set from the admin Settings >> General title
  • Show Landing Page Description Tagline – This is your admin Settings >> General description
  • Landing Page left side Background – This is the background colour
  • Landing Page Site Title Colour – Site title colour
  • Landing Page Description Colour – Description colour
  • Landing Page Link – This is the link you need to apply to the logo or title so that a visitor can click through
  • Landing Page Left Side Width – You can adjust the width of the left side column by percentage values. For example, if you want it 50%, type in 50

 Note I may add more landing page templates in the future.