Show or hide page or post elements

This is a quick tutorial on special settings that our themes have which lets you show or hide various page or post elements from view. For example, if you don’t want to show the “Edit” link, the “Publish Date”, “Author” name….etc. To give you an idea of what these settings look like, here is a sample of a few from the Site Options tab, followed by a few from the Blog Options tab:

show hide site settingsshow hide settings

There are two customizer sections that offer this kind of feature:

  • Site Options – These are settings that are global throughout the site
  • Blog Options – These are settings that are found only for the blog areas of your site

I won’t go through every one of these because there are a lot of them. By default, several of these show or hide settings may be enabled or disabled, so it will be up to you for deciding which elements you want to show or hide.