An introduction to the Grid Plugin

This is more of an introduction than a tutorial for my Opportune Grid plugin that you will find in the original download package of this theme. You won’t need this installed because the Opportune Pro theme already has a grid layout that is based on the Bootstrap version 3 framework…or partially I should say.

The Opportune Grid plugin includes a full grid structure using CSS and also includes the various media queries for breakpoints of different mobile devices. Please note that although this uses the Bootstrap grid layout, it does not contain the full Bootstrap package.

When to Use This

If you plan to change themes to one that does not have Bootstrap included, and do not have any active Bootstrap based plugin, then I recommend you install and activate this plugin. When active, it adds a new stylesheet to your page source code that allows you to use the grid structure associated with Bootstrap and my Opportune Pro theme. This is only if you plan to keep using the Opportune Shortcodes plugin which you can find an introduction to this one elsewhere within the Opportune Pro theme documenation.

To Install the Opportune Grid Plugin

  1. Go to Plugins >> Add New
  2. Upload the file that you will find in your original Opportune Pro’s download package.
  3. Install and then activate it.