An introduction to the Landing Page template

The Landing Page template is a bit unique in a sense that it’s best utilized for the front page, but what it does is gives you the ability to create sections in your page with background colours that stretches the full width of your page. Each of the 5 sections offer a single sidebar position, so what you do with that is up to you. A good example is the live demo site for Opportune Pro where I have a beige coloured background call to action showing. This is a section that I used for displaying a widget (the call to action) within it.

landing section

You get up to 5 sections in addition to the main content area which you can create content from a page editor, plus you can customize these sections from the customizer with each section having the following options:

  • Background Colour
  • Text Colour
  • Link Colour
  • Link Colour on Hover

To customize each section, you get colour selectors that look like this:

landing colour selectors

Built for the Front Page

Although this template is available for any page you create, its primary purpose is designed for a front page, such as the one used on the live demo site. If you are to use this template for the front page and also for another page within your website, plus you make colour changes to a section that is being used in both areas, they will adopt the same style. For this reason I recommend you use this template only for the front page.

There is a front page tutorial for this theme that you can follow, and will help you create a front page like I have on the demo website.

Customize Your Sections

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Landing Page
  2. Depending on the section you are using, you can now use the colour selectors to make your changes based on the content you are adding to them.
  3. Click Save & Publish

Note A section will not show until you publish a widget into it.