Setup Receptive

FP – Front Page Portfolio

Dedicated to the front page template, you get to showcase a portfolio projects gallery. However you setup each portfolio item is going to be up to you, but basically each portfolio project thumbnail is a link to a post with a featured image. I would recommend creating a blog category that is used soley for your portfolio so that when you setup your front page, you will be selecting the category to display.

FP – Front Page Icon Boxes

Front page icon boxes are designated only to the front page template, but gives you added visual aesthetics to your page content. You get up to four (4) icon box columns, each one has dynamic width that will adjust based on how many are published. Here is an example from the live demo site showcasing 3 icon boxes:

FP – Front Page Sidebars

The front page sidebars section of the customizer will help you configure the available sidebar positions in the front page template. Unfortunately WordPress does not have the capability to create sub-panels to help separate additional sections, so I had to squeeze everything into this one section (tab). I decided to group together similar settings, but to give you an example of a sidebar section, here is a screenshot from the live demo:

FP – Front Page Settings

This is a small section to configure, but if you want to enable the main content of the front page like a normal page, you can. Simply create a page, add some content to it, then assign the “Front Page” template from the “Page Attributes” meta box in the right column of the page editor.

Create Buttons

This theme includes optional custom form styling, including buttons. You can use these styles for any form you are creating, but you can also make text links into buttons. The code below can be used by copying and pasting into your page content.