FP – Front Page Settings

This is a small section to configure, but if you want to enable the main content of the front page like a normal page, you can. Simply create a page, add some content to it, then assign the “Front Page” template from the “Page Attributes” meta box in the right column of the page editor.

fp select template

Front Page Settings

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Front Page >> Front Page Settings
    fp section
  2. Show (enable) the main content area of the page
    fp show main content
  3. Add an ID to the page if you plan to use one-page scrolling. You can use a number or a name.
    fp main content id
  4. Adjust the top and bottom spacing (padding) for the main content area by entering in a number (for percent) or you can use the arrows to increase/decrease the value by hovering over the field
    fp main content padding
  5. Click “Save & Publish