An introduction to the Seasonal Pro Menu

As many users of Seasonal Pro will discover, this theme uses a slightly different menu type that most are commonly used to. This theme uses a “Toggle Menu” instead of the standard hover type with a drop down or flyout submenu.

The toggle menu displays submenu items (links) when you click on the parent menu item (which technically is not a real link). You will know when a parent menu item has a submenu because of the downward arrow at the end of it:

seasonalpro menu1

Let’s take the above screenshot as an example. If you were to click on the “Features” menu item (found on the live demo site for Seasonal Pro), there is a script that runs behind the scenes and will show the submenu:

seasonalpro menu2

You will see the submenu suddenly show below the “Features” menu item and the rest of the parent items will slide down to make room for the submenu. If you decide to close the submenu, you need to click on the “Features” menu item once again. Another function is if you were to click on another item with a submenu, such as “Pages“, the previously opened submenu will close and the new submenu will show below “Pages“.

Careful planning is needed when creating your main menu with Seasonal. It’s not really meant to have a lot of menu links or submenus, because this theme is designed for a more simple blog type website…but, I have seen some people get creative with it.

Setup Your Menu

Setting up your main menu for Seasonal is the same as any other theme because it uses the standard WordPress menu editor in your dashboard.