Customize your sidebar background – Custom Background

Now that you had an introduction and to the basic settings when using a global background image, it’s time to now look at custom backgrounds on a per page or post basis. This means that when you are creating a post or page, you get a “Sidebar Background” meta box right below the “Featured Image” meta box so that you can change the sidebar for that post or page.

sidebar meta box

Insert a Custom Background

  1. With a page or post open in your editor, click on the “Set a background image on the left side” text link in the “Sidebar Background” box.
  2. This works just like selecting a Featured Image, so you will either browse an existing image in your Media Library, or upload one.
  3. Inset the image and then click on “Publish” or “Update” while in your editor window.

When done, your Sidebar Background box should look something like this:

sidebar meta box image

Now when you visit your page on the front-end of your site, you will see that your sidebar now has this custom image. If you navigate to other pages, you will find that your default background image or solid colour will still show.

Remove or Change a Background

  1. Open the page or post in the editor
  2. Look for the “Sidebar Background” box and click on the “Remove background image” text link.
  3. Click “Update” on your editor
  4. If you want to change the image, you will follow the steps 1-2 above, then click on the “Set a background image on the left side” to find a new image.
  5. Click “Update” on your editor.