Setup Shaped Pixels

Shortcodes – Columns

This tutorial will show how to create columns inside your page content. This uses the same classes and structure as Twitter’s Bootstrap front-end framework that creates grid layouts–which is what this theme uses. The grid layout is based on 12-columns side-by-side. So a full width page will use a class of col-md-12 which means use all 12 columns for our page. Later in this tutorial, we will make a 2-column layout, but here is an example where I used this inside a page to add 2 Image Boxes using shortcode:

Shortcodes – Dividers

Dividers will allow you to separate content in your page or post with one of three styles. The first is simply a horizontal rule function on your editor (common with editors). This adds a line to your content, and depending on the style, you can get different looks.

Front Page Project Portfolio

Dedicated to the front page template, you get to showcase a portfolio projects gallery. However you setup each portfolio item is going to be up to you, but basically each portfolio project thumbnail is a link to a post with a featured image. I would recommend creating a blog category that is used soley for your portfolio so that when you setup your front page, you will be selecting the category to display.