An introduction to shortcodes

This theme package comes with a shortcodes an installable plugin should you decide to use the shortcodes. This also works great if you ever decide to change themes and have active shortcodes in your content. Current shortcodes available for this theme are:

  • Dividers
  • Progress Bars
  • Info Boxes
  • Image Boxes
  • Icon Boxes
  • Lead Paragraph
  • Buttons

Over time, I may be adding more to the list, but we will go through this tutorial with the current list of shortcodes. I should also mention that no shortcode generator is available for your content editor due to inconsistencies and incompatible issues with some plugins that use an editor. So for now, shortcodes are entered in manually, but they will still function 100%.

Shortcode Plugin

This theme includes a shortcode plugin that you can install if you decide to use any of the shortcode elements you see in the list above and the live demo website. You will find the plugin in the original theme download package in a folder named “Shortcodes“.

Using Shortcodes

What I will do is create a separate tutorial for each shortcode where each one will start with “Shortcodes” as part of the tutorial title. Also, when using shortcodes, you can use them in pages and posts. By default, WordPress does not make using shortcodes in the default text widget possible, but with this theme, you get that as an added bonus, so in addition to pages and posts, you can also use shortcodes in text widgets.