An introduction to the Nivo Slider

I normally do not include a slider, so this is the first theme where I’ve added on for your convenience of having one.

slide demo

There are many slider plugins for WordPress, so if you need one with more features and flexibility, this theme will support that option. You may want to check out one called ┬áSmart Slider 3….with over 60,000 downloads and at the time of writing this tutorial, they have 192 5-star ratings!

smart slider 3

However, to get you started, the Nivo slider is coded into this template, but it’s limited to loading page content only with a title, excerpt, and a button to the page. The background slide image is the featured image you set for the page being loaded. To accommodate very large screens, such as 2560 pixels, you may want to create your images to be 2560 pixels wide. Your height can be any height you want, but if you want to use the demo site as a guideline, I made my slide images 1920 x 600 pixels. If you want to make them for the 2560 pixels resolution, then make them 2560 x 700 pixels. The Nivo slider styling makes the slide images stretch 100% to the screen.

Key Features of the Build-in Slider

  1. Add up to 6 slides
  2. Change the Excerpt size
  3. Change the colours of the caption text
  4. Navigational elements
  5. *Only available for the front page of your site

Setup Your Slideshow

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Slider Options
    slider tab
  2. First, check the box next to “Show Nivo Slider” so that it will show up
    slider show
  3. For each slide, select the page you want to show. Make sure your page is created and that it has a featured image attached to it.
    slide select page
  4. You can adjust the excerpt size if you want to manage how many words will be seen on each slide
    slide excerpt size
  5. Then you can move on to the colour of the caption text and button (this will be global for all slides)
    slide colours
  6. Click “Save & Publish